Jesus knows your name

If we could interview the donkey on which Jesus took his triumphal ride into Jerusalem, we might ask questions such as: How did you feel? Dumbest question in journalism. But not in this case. How did you feel? Why were you chosen? How did your master treat you? What was it like carrying Jesus? Were …


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The One Thing

I’ll bet there is something in your life that constitutes the “one” thing or person that made all the difference. It’s important to pause and remember…remembering enlarges our space for receiving and fuels the gratitude bug that keeps us alive. The flat tire that caused you to miss the beginning of the party that erupted … Continue reading The One Thing

God’s love

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for our brethren I John 3:16 Some days God’s love just bubbles over in my soul. And the joy flows out in tears of gratitude. My life is more wonderful today than … Continue reading God’s love

Love in the bread pudding

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes there’s love in the bread pudding. When I was in kindergarten and first grade I lived with my grandmother, Myrtle, my mother’s stepmother. She doted on this grandchild and there was nothing that exceeded her grasp when it came to demonstrating that love. At four years old I … Continue reading Love in the bread pudding

Prayer is…

Prayer is the ongoing transaction between us and God, mediated or spurred on by the Holy Spirit, with Jesus at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf. The Holy Spirit is the cutter. He makes sure the ball gets into the basket. Jesus is our elder brother who puts his seal of … Continue reading Prayer is…

We surely can!

On a hot summer night, when it was 90 degrees on Barclay Street in east Baltimore, we’d sometimes sit outside well into the morning. It was too hot to be inside. Especially on the upper floors of our three-story house. In fact all the neighbors sat outside on their porch front (no porches) metal chairs. … Continue reading We surely can!

The Mourner’s Bench

Nobody talks about it anymore, but a focal point of the early African turned American church was the mourner’s bench. It was the center of activity back then because the best energy of worship was devoted to invoking the presence of God into the place, revoking any misguided invitation to the enemy and his imps … Continue reading The Mourner’s Bench

Water walking

One of the most fascinating events in the Bible is Peter walking on water. His zealous self could not be contained when he saw his fearless leader on the water, so he, without thinking, stepped out to meet him. And the traditional Christian read leads us to chastise him for looking down at his feet … Continue reading Water walking