Books and other things

Jesus in the Key of St. John (Pre sale for Easter)

I love the stories of Jesus as John tells them, the people Jesus encounters, as well as John’s insistence that he is the disciple Jesus loved. This book provides another opportunity to enjoy the seeding of the kingdom that is Jesus’ earthly ministry.


Make Yourself at Home in God’s Love

Each page will fill the upcoming Lenten journey with words of love, love scriptures and short lovebytes to remind us all of how much God loves us and to urge us to find rest in that incomprehensible love.


An autographed copy of Tales from the Sweetheart Gang

Eight of my friends joined me in telling stories about their mothers, the women who reared them, some with a vengeance – the sayings they had, the stories they told, the threats they made – and how they hear their mothers’ voices coming from their very own mouths.


An autographed copy

We are always growing in the ways the Holy Ghost operates in our lives. This book is a refresher text for the process.


An autographed copy of Keep Walking in Prayer…until you can’t come back

I share stories of my faith and prayer journey to encourage you, to make you laugh and to give you hope. This is the #StudyGuideEdition that offers aids at the end of each chapter to provoke discussion and thought.


An autographed copy of Mustard Seed Mondayz: weekly faithbytes for a year

It’s a devotional, inspirational collection of thought pieces to provoke prayer, peace and discussion


An autographed copy of this journal.

This is a lined journal to accompany your reading of Keep Walking in Prayer...until you can’t come back.


An autographed copy of the journal.

This is a lined journal to facilitate your reading of Mustard Seed Mondayz.


When love lights on a cow chip…and other Tales from the Sweetheart Gang

This is part three of the Sweetheart Gang series in which more daughters are remembering the mothers, grandmothers - women who made them the women they are.


Tales from the Men of the Sweetheart Gang

Doting Daddy’s Girls just can’t wait to tell the world about their wonderful fathers, the Men of the Sweetheart Gang.