A new page seemed necessary to talk about people who are “doing the most” to live fully in God’s vision for their lives. They are able to hear and “walk” the unique call that defines their reason for being on this planet at this time. They are not dissuaded by what might be described as crazy by the rest of us. They are not discouraged by the walls over which they might have to leap, the roads that lead them down undesired paths. They are only temporarily frightened by the opposition of the mainstreamers who would renegate them to the ordinary holy.

This page will scream “don’t settle.” It will politick for embracing the fullness of the “holy” in its wholeness. It will urge on those who are toeing the line between the familiar and the other that beckons them forward. It will comfort those who’ve already made the choice to be solely what they were created to be, and in that decision do those things that must flow.

This page. It’s taken a minute for me to find myself on this page and I invite you to subscribe so you don’t miss a minute of what’s going on with the wonderful people I’ve bumped into on my journey that’s about to hit 68 years. I invite you to allow yourself to be pushed, pulled or tugged in the direction that will forever awaken you to that which gives you life every day. And not just for a season. Welcome to “Walking worthy…”

The Waymakers Ministry…

is currently in Ghana fulfilling their ministry mission, or one aspect of it, to facilitate clean water access in Ghana. This is the first of two annual visits and each additionally includes teaching, preaching and the provision of basic needs.

The whole directive originally came as a surprise to the ministry leader, the Rev. Carol Robinson, who had no idea of such a vision. “I didn’t even know where Ghana was, other than knowing it was on the continent of Africa, “ Rev. Robinson said. “But I listened and prepared myself, and with the support of my pastor, began to find my way.”
She found it and found a great need. So after establishing a fine team they began the work. This is one of several trips they’ve taken and already they’ve already made a difference.
“Many people in the villages of Ghana walk over a mile for contaminated water that can be deadly or cause more than 80 percent of all illnesses, due to poor sanitation,” said Rev. Robinson.
“They roll the dice every time they go to fetch water, thinking, ‘If I drink it I might die, but if I don’t drink it I will surely die.’” Each of the wells they’ve built so far serves about 1,000 people, providing clean water without the threat of illness or disease, according to Rev. Robinson, who said,“We then test to make sure the water is acceptable to drink.” She and her team have built four fresh water wells, two restroom facilities and a set of showers. She estimates that more than 4,800 lives have been transformed by their work.
“Our first Waymakers ministry in Ghana, called Streets On Fire, is comprised of street kids we have ministered to in Bible studies over the years and now they’ve become their own ministry,” she said.
Rev. Robinson believes the gospel of Jesus Christ would not be complete without transformation that includes increased knowledge, improved quality of life, renewed family relationships and strengthened communities. And that’s why she answered such a unique call, to be for the people of Ghana; and why she’s been going for 10 years now.“
Honestly, with the need we see, we would go four times a year if we had the funding,” Rev. Robinson said, noting their next trip is in February 2019 and donations are needed by Jan. 4, 2019.

Donations can be made through PayPal on thewaymakers.org
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