A reasonable portion

A traditional Black church testimony might go something like this:

First giving honor to God, to Jesus Christ who is the Lord of my life and to the saints of God with whom I fellowship. I want to thank God for my early rising this morning, that my last night bed wasn’t my cooling board, nor my sheet my winding chain. (Ask your grandmother what these things are.)

I want to thank him that I woke up with a reasonable portion of my health and strength and with soundness in my mind.

Okay. That just about covers it. The wording might be different in different healing stations, but this generally hits it.

What would you consider to be a reasonable portion? Seriously?

I was sitting in the living room and decided I needed something from the bedroom. Not after  walking the few feet down the hall. Not when I entered the bedroom. Not when I was distracted by a conversation. I wasn’t. But when I stood up, just a few seconds after having formed the idea of the need. At the moment I stood up, I forgot why I had planned the trip to the bedroom.

I’m 70. Do I have a reasonable portion of my mental health?

I’m just saying.

I have an easily controlled case of high blood pressure. I’ve been declared free of type 2 diabetes – Thank you Jesus! By mainline standard I’m morbidly obese, although my grand daughters think I’m tiny.

Do I have a reasonable portion of my physical health?

I can stand long enough to cook meals. I can tear up a mall, especially if I have some shopping money. I can walk as long as I need to. I can dance until the song is over.

Do I have a reasonable portion of my physical strength?

I’m just saying.

All things are relative. And in this pandemic era, when we’ve lost so many; and so many are impaired for a lifetime…we should be grateful for all that we have. Because we don’t have to have it. It’s a gift from God.

These are the things that come across my mind in the quiet moments.

Happy Monday!

They’re grateful for fresh water to drink. Courtesy The Waymakers Ministry.

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