I call myself a Baptist Methodist Pentecostal Evangelical non denominational retired pastor who has also been a newspaper editor and a minister of music. And a fingerprint technician. And too many other things to list. I’ve been married for almost 50 years now and we have three daughters, one son, five granddaughters and two great grandsons.

I love to write. I like the way words hug each other and embellish each other and somehow, ultimately, make sense of the world. I like that there’s no end to the selection and that each has its own appearance and aroma. Each has a place where it fits in a certain context and no other word will do. Please come often to share my love of words.

Why “walking worthy now?” Because right now we are the sons and daughters of God, those who have already begun the journey and are continually being transformed by the renewing of our minds. Right now. So whatever the vision for our lives, there’s no “worthiness” to wait for…no change that needs to happen before we can spread our wings and live in the grace we’ve already been afforded. Walk worthy right now in the gifts you’ve been given. Walk worthy right now in the generosity of hospitality that has been extended to us. Walk worthy right now. Stop waiting for whatever you’ve been waiting for. One step. Two. Three. Four. Right now!