And another thing…

I wrote this book for you. I know. It’s filled with my stories, but mine is the only story I can really tell. It’s my witness. It’s my testimony. And I tell it to shout my own victory and to assist others in overcoming and realizing their own.

Sometimes we focus so much on the trials and tribulations, we miss the eternal outcome…the realization of the marvelous work God has done in each of us before the foundation of the world. Wonderfully and marvelously made. Created. Designed.

Custom design. Divine design. From head to toe. Inside out. Made to function excellently as a child of God. Made to walk worthy of the divine calling in our lives. Made to weather the life to which we’re assigned.

It is in the worst moments of our lives, we find the hinds feet with which we are equipped to walk in high places. In the worst moments, we discover finely honed gifts that operate with power under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It is often in the worst moments of our lives, we find if we keep our eyes on Jesus, if we maintain our place in spite of the fear; if we manage to breathe in places so tight there seems to be no air, we will simultaneously discover that we are created to walk on water.

I’m thankful to God.

How about you!

Excerpted from Created to Walk on Water

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