I want for you…

I want for you to see greatness in your mirror as you never have before. And know that greatness resides in the deepest part of you, and not by accident. It was a plan that was planned long before you had any inkling of you.

I want for you to perceive the love God has for you, not because someone tells you. Not even because you read it. I want for you to be so enveloped in your relationship that love is a given and you can walk assuredly in it.

I want for you to take a stand and stand against the forces, seen and unseen, that purpose themselves for your destruction. To look injustice, inequity, disparity and disdain in the face of its presentation and demand it cease and desist its assignment against you and your brethren.

I want for you to embrace your unique gifting – that thing you do that no one does quite like you – that thing soaked in the oil of heaven, that does nothing but bless all who witness and receive it. Embrace the fact that you are as unique as a fingerprint and you, being fully you, make the world a better place.

I want for you, in 2021, to rebound from all that beset you last year. Congratulate yourself for having made it. Whether you were sick and recovered, or are recovering; whether your loss was more than you could have imagined or if you are just worn out with all that has gone on around you. Give yourself a hearty hug. Couldn’t have done it without you. None of us could.

Say hello to 2021 with a thankful smile and a soul determined to walk the worthy walk of liberty to which you are called. Be new. Be renewed. I love you. God bless you and all that you love. Have an unimaginable, fully prosperous, God ordained New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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