It’s all about love

I’m often asked to explain the actions of people who profess faith in Christ, especially in the marketplace. And without hesitation I can usually respond, “It’s all about love.”  I know for a fact that discipleship demands we find ways to love others – all others – in the same way that we love ourselves. And in the same way that we are ultimately loved by God. It’s a tall order. It sometimes feels way beyond anything we can muster up. At other times it feels like something undeserved. But we don’t have the luxury of denial. We who have received extravagant hospitality from the One who made us; we who have been overwhelmed with an inexplicable grace…we have no recourse but to remind ourselves that we are clothed in the righteous clothes of Jesus Christ and are blessed beyond measure through the power of redemption. We have no recourse but to offer others the same immeasurable love and mercy to which we’ve been privy. We have no choice. Nor should we want one. It’s all about love.