The thing about being happy

The thing about being happy in this relationship with the Lord is that I feel safe and protected. I know He’ll never leave me. He’ll never have to die again. So I feel free to be myself and be totally vulnerable. I think the unsafe feeling people sometimes have comes from trying to stand on ceremony and impress God with their holiness.

I try to remind myself that He knows me altogether. It’s a good word we seldom use. Altogether. Every piece of every facet of every aspect of us. After all He made us. Plotted our paths. Has the whole story from beginning to end. Knows every word we’ll speak and every thought we’ll have. Altogether. He knows us in a whole way. Altogether. And He loves us. Altogether.

Likewise He’s altogether lovely, altogether gracious, altogether holy, altogether merciful, altogether loving. Altogether.

{An excerpt from Mustard Seed Mondayz: weekly faithbytes for a year, coming soon to a bookstore near you.}

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