The Genius of prayer

You drop. You kneel. You grab hold of God’s feet. No protocol.

You know your connection is good.

You don’t need to re-introduce yourself. You know you already belong.

You just grab onto God’s feet.

You don’t need to ask for salvation. You know you’re already redeemed.

You don’t have to explain why you showed up. You know he was watching out for you.

So you just grab onto God’s feet.

You don’t need to confess a litany of sins. You know you’re already forgiven.

You don’t need a lot of words to feel heard.

You know he heard your heart as your feelings and needs crystallized.

You don’t have to wait for verification of his presence. You know he’s always here

You just grab onto God’s feet.

You are clear about your authority to use his name. So you just speak it into the atmosphere. Just because you like to hear it.

Just speak it. Jesus. Just speak it. Jesus. Just speak it. Jesus.

Not because it’s magic.

But because there’s power in the name of Jesus.

What’s not to appreciate about a God who works out a perfect system so his imperfect kingdom dwellers have immediate access at all times with no need for perfection in intercession. In supplication. In praise. In petition. Or in worship.

Your heart is heard.

Your presence is appreciated

And you only had to say Yes!

This is where you enter into the genius of prayer.

And it confounds us. It’s too easy. We didn’t construct it. And it makes no sense.

So we’re constantly confounded and confused.

We can’t do anything effectively without having this connection and being willing myself to hear and obey as I’m directed by the Holy Spirit of God. Every day. Every minute of every day.

It confounds us because we don’t know when we’ve found success.

Is it with the answered prayer or in the conversation itself? It confounds us. The genius of prayer is in the One who created the process.

He himself ordains the process and the outcome. And we have no control over either. The desired outcome can happen in the moment of conversation. Or it can happen 10 years later. And we’re no more the worse for it because it comes at the perfect time.

Prayer is a complex, simple system of communication.

It’s an ongoing transaction.

It’s everything that goes on between us and God.

It’s words. It’s music. It’s singing. It’s dancing. It’s groaning. It’s laughter.

It’s everything.

And it yields everything. Things we ask for. Things we don’t know to ask for.

Things we think we need. Or maybe just what we really need.

You sit to ask for one thing and find yourself asking for something entirely different.

You kneel to pray for one person and find yourself praying for someone else.

You bow to pray and find yourself weeping.

Prayer is so much more than our minds can imagine

Prayer is so easily navigated if we just recognize that

God is the Creator and Sustainer of the process.

And God’s answer is Yes.

Yes to life. Yes to eternity. Yes to healing. Yes to deliverance. Yes.

We may not always recognize it as yes. But His answer is yes. And Amen.

And the real blessing is being involved in the process and being called his child and being loved with unfathomable love that has no top no bottom no sides.

The real blessing is being the object of his love and his grace and his mercy.

God is God all by himself. And He is nothing but love and grace and peace and joy and forgiveness and redemption and healing and deliverance.

Wait. He’s everything!

And God is the Genius of Prayer.

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