Village Mothers #17

At the suggestion of Pearl Cleage, we speak the names of the legends in our lives, the larger than life people who’ve made our lives more livable.
It is our sacred duty to remember those who raised us because we were born to them, even more so those who assumed a vested interest in us just because…because we lived next door or down the street, because we landed in their classroom or on their community choir, because we became their Brownies or twinkle toed dancers.
It is an honor to remember all those who touched our lives in big and small ways, who saw in us that which was not visible, who deposited tangible and invisible gifts that enhanced our development and propelled us on to become the women we are today.
Our hope is to be those women, to continue the work they started and see purpose and potential in the young’uns who come behind us.
For those who so blessed our lives…
We are honored…as our parents might had said…we are duty bound…to
Speak their names.

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