John tells a different story

John. The disciple Jesus loved. Son of Zebedee. He and his brother James, who Jesus called the “sons of thunder” laid aside their fishermen’s nets to learn to fish for people. His gospel is unique in that it focuses on Jesus’ relationship with people, making Jesus’ first miracle changing water to wine at a wedding. Not an expected place to begin changing the theology of the entire world. But for John the perfect place and situation. The family. Putting emphasis on the fact that every aspect of life and relationship is important in the eyes of God. Kingdom thinking. Kingdom living. And there are so many stories you will only find in John’s gospel, the wedding at Cana, the conversation with Nicodemus, raising Lazarus from the dead and. washing the disciples’ feet. The list is much longer, and imagine how the loss of these stories would have affected our perception of Jesus and his ministry.

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