Whosoever will

If you had been the only person on earth, Jesus would have died on the cross just for you. We can argue the theology, the semantics; we can exegete and eisegete the scriptures, but I stand on this because God gave it to me out of a vacuum when I had nothing to stand in its place.
As I ministered for the first time on my own, in an unfamiliar person’s unfamiliar home and neighborhood; as I wondered what on earth I would say to this person who faced death and looked to my eyes for a word…they do search our eyes for truth and sincerity. In that most uncomfortable moment, I heard these words come easily out of my mouth. Words I’d never before uttered. Words that seemed unreasonably familiar although I’d never heard them before. Words I would speak and write many times after.
If you had been the only person on earth…imagine how more easily we’d walk worthy of the calling with which we’ve been called if we got this. If you’d been the only person on earth God would have made a way for you to be in intimate relationship with him. A full bodied plan of redemption. Just for you. Just for me. Not to begin an intimate relationship, but to continue the relationship we had with him in heaven before we began our ambassadorship on earth.
Whosoever will. Let him come. And drink freely of the water of life.

A little something to make your Monday better.

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