It’s interesting that one of the first characters we encounter in the book of Joshua is Rahab, who protects the two spies Joshua sends ahead of the congregation. She was no where near the unwitting player one might have suspected she’d be. Her proximity to the margins of the camp not only made her profession …


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The thing I remember most about that night was the incessant, insistent repetitive pounding of rain on the pavement. It was the kind that caught your attention with its rhythm and reason. It was the kind that characterized the storm in my life that night. With an impending eviction the next morning, i found it … Continue reading Storm


She knew she was going to die. Maybe not how soon. Maybe not the exact day. But. She knew she was going to die. Nobody else knew. But she knew. And she hadn’t received any type of diagnosis of disease or prognosis of impending death. But somehow she knew. And she began to make what … Continue reading Myrtle

Only. God.

This piece is an extra because I wrote it on January 1, 2017, and I’m inspired to embrace faith as never before. Many who know me would be surprised to hear me say this because I have a reputation for believing God – that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who … Continue reading Only. God.

Happy Birthday!!!

I’m so happy and grateful to see another birthday. I just love birthdays. I love the joy of living. I love the joy of acknowledging the grace of God. I love the gathering to celebrate. I love the cake and the candles. I love the gifts and gags. I just love birthdays. For those few … Continue reading Happy Birthday!!!

The Genius of prayer

You drop. You kneel. You grab hold of God’s feet. No protocol. You know your connection is good. You don’t need to re-introduce yourself. You know you already belong. You just grab onto God’s feet. You don’t need to ask for salvation. You know you’re already redeemed. You don’t have to explain why you showed … Continue reading The Genius of prayer