It’s the kind of memory you’re supposed to have when you share a meal at the communion table. We sing. We testify. We shout. We tell stories and share the gospel. But the greatest intention of the meal, as I understand it from Jesus’ mandate, is the remembering part. He says to the disciples, whenever you gather for a meal, whenever bread is broken, whenever the cup is passed; remember.
We say grace, and we take it to mean asking God to bless the gifts of food and drink, bless the partaking of the gifts and the time of fellowship we share during the meal.
But there’s more.
Every time food is shared, we need to rehearse the grace that graces our lives through the grace of God.
Whenever food is shared we need to remember that if it had not been for the Lord on our side, we would be adrift in some misguided scenario with an uncertain outcome.
Instead, we live well and blessed in the arms of Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit each day toward a heavenly home with a reserved seat for us at the banquet table of the Lamb.
Remembering is more than just telling a story.
It’s revisiting whole heartedly – so much that we get lost in the telling and the hearing.
So much so that when we talk about how the Lord saved us, remembering the day and the hour, tears run down our faces as we dare to imagine what our lives would have been without divine intervention.
Whenever you do THIS. At every occasion. At every opportunity.  Do it in remembrance of me.

Communion - Unleavened Bread With Chalice Of Wine And Cross Light


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