Grace on the beach

So I’m standing on the beach in Ocean City, Md. in 50 degree weather. While I’m in the morning prayer circle with EPI Ministries, I’m contemplating removing my shoes so I can feel the ocean water as some of the others are doing. Anyone who knows me is already nonplussed that I’m on the beach in the cold at 7 am on an end-of-October morning. And can hardly believe i’m even considering baring my feet. But I am. And I came all this way. And I don’t want to miss out on anything because I believe the Lord has something planned for us when we stretch out beyond our comfort zone. And I’m next to the oldest in the group and don’t want to be “too old” to try something different. So the contemplation began. 

What if the water is entirely too cold?

If I put my feet in the water, how will I dry them?

How will I get the sand off my feet?

I wonder if anyone brought towels from the pool room. 

And before I could conjure up another barrier to the blessing…Although we were standing well beyond the line the wave had previously reached…And before any of us could react…the wave came up and totally bathed, baptized and embraced our feet and ankles with a chilling but loving wet smooch that superseded my check list. 

I’m so glad he doesn’t let my misgivings allow me to miss out on his giving. 

I’m grateful for grace. And laughter.

And the people who danced in the water with me. 


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