I speak their names

I speak their names…I’m not sure why the Lord has apparently entrusted me with the task of remembering the wonderful people in my life who’ve touched me in ways they can’t even imagine. I’m am often sparked with a moment of flashback to the face of one of the women who helped me become a woman. So this list will grow. 

And I am honored to speak their names.

  • Rida Bell Billups
  • Bruce Branch
  • Hattie Childs
  • Victoria Clark
  • Theresa Cley 
  • Magruder Cockrell
  • Luvenia Crest
  • Bessie Dawson
  • Charlotte Flowers
  • Susan Fuller
  • Jacqueline Hardy
  • Mary Hodges
  • Geneva Johnson
  • Anita Jones
  • Nellie Logan
  • Irene Moore
  • Ruth Murphy
  • Helen Norman
  • Lucille Payne
  • Barbara Powell
  • Hazel Sidberry25FC6DAE-338E-4FA7-81E5-E920DA12398B

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