Speak love to the “uncomely” parts

Paul’s discussion on the body of Christ mentions “uncomely” parts, those that need extra attention and care. I think we should speak love to those parts, making sure they don’t feel alienated from the rest of the body. Those organs. Those extremities. Those feelings. That just won’t do right. That don’t look right. That won’t operate right.

Speak love. To whatever doesn’t quite fit into your righteous agenda for your life. Speak love to the appetite that craves those things you don’t want to eat. Well, you want to eat them but you know they’re not good for you in large proportions. Speak love to that attitude that continues to raise its ugly head in spite of your constant resolve to respond more kindly. Speak love to the thirst that demands the drink you’ve chosen to eliminate from your diet. Speak love. Rub and caress the joint that continues to collect fluid,  hindering that perfect gait. Speak love and rub the spots that suffer from the inflammation that clusters and fosters pain.

Speak love. Offer affection to the parts that seem to betray your desired quality of life. Offer kindness and gentleness to the rage that threatens to become bitterness and facilitate your undoing. Offer love to every part of your being in every aspect of your world so love embraces you and everyone you meet. So love surrounds and envelopes you. So love is the prevailing “feel” of most of the moments of your days.

Speak love!


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