God’s love overwhelms me

When I pray I actually feel heaven open up and glory come down – in a Turkish restaurant or a dusty library or on a sandy beach. I am so much the recipient of God’s grace and favor, and apparently it has nothing to do with houses and land and money.
Nothing can compare to the feeling of having all of heaven surround you with God’s presence and make you know it is totally available to you and your heart’s desire. It’s too big for my mind to understand. I love being heard before I speak and the bottom line…having prayers answered while I’m still articulating what I think I want.
There are so many people I want to have this experience. So many people. So many people I know serve God with committed sincerity and never actually feel his presence or loving return in their lives. They talk about his goodness. But you know it’s a rehearsed response because who could really talk about, without experiencing in the moment, the presence and peace and fulfillment and mercy of God, without melting into the humility that decries such goodness. It’s at once humbling and edifying and it’s something you don’t want to keep to yourself.
You want everyone to know it’s as accessible to them as it is to yourself.
My God. What a blessing. And we don’t talk about it enough. Not nearly enough.
And I’m asking God how he’s gifted me to share it so people really get it.
I don’t know yet. But I’m listening.



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