Today…I’m writing something

I’m writing something today because I’m supposed to write something today. Every day. Wow! I’m not inspired. 

I want to set my hair on fire in protest to children being separated from their imigrant families; and that’s just the latest thing. I’m sure it’s my feeling of not having power to stop this. Or to change this. How can we people of good conscience sit idly by and let these things happen in the name of the Lord? Believe me I’m asking the Lord at the same time I’m asking you. How on earth can we be quiet when we have screamed at the very thought of children having been separated from African families during active slave trade in this country? How on earth can we be quiet when some are old enough to have screamed when Japanese families were mandated to internment camps during World War II?

How can we be quiet when our children are being separated from us in incidents of police brutality? In cases of urban violence? In acts of gang wars?

How can we be quiet?

I just want to do something. I’m praying. And I want to put feet to my prayers. But it seems the people who have power to do something are satisfied to be quiet as long as the person in the Oval Office represents their personal interests and continues to ensure for them the renown and the wealth they comfortably maintain.

How can they be quiet? 

We’ve got to do better in choosing our leaders.

We need really God-fearing Christians who believe the message of Jesus Christ in their hearts, not just in their minds and on their political literature.

We need people who scream when we feel like screaming.

Not just because we tell them to. But because their scream is erupting simultaneously.

We need people who believe that faith is not something to be set aside in the same way one relegates “Sunday-go-to-meeting” clothes.

We need people who know that the faith we espouse should permeate every cell of our being and should inform every act of our lives, every relationship we enjoy, every task we undertake.

We need people who know Jesus personally…who have experienced the love of God for themselves…who understand that Jesus’ gospel of love is for everyone, but particularly the “least of these”…who are compelled to live out that faith whether or not live cameras capture every act.

We need people.

My God! We need people.



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