George Floyd: As if marching could make a difference

On May 25, 2020, people began to protest vehemently in the light of the murder of George Floyd, 46, by former police officer Derrick Chauvin; while onlookers begged him to stop and fellow police officers stood by, as if giving silent assent. It certainly wasn’t the first time police in this country have been accused …


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‘But if I ask’

  I went to Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.; those were some of the best years of my life. I loved everything about being there and I knew it was just the right place for me. I was working three part time jobs so I could go full time and complete my degree in … Continue reading ‘But if I ask’

The sound of grace

I love The Message, the way the late Dr. Eugene Peterson captured the breadth of the words in scripture. One of my favorite passages is out of Matthew 11:28-29 But before Peterson even embraced his artful description, John Newton alluded to grace having its own unique sound. Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved … Continue reading The sound of grace

A reasonable portion

A traditional Black church testimony might go something like this: First giving honor to God, to Jesus Christ who is the Lord of my life and to the saints of God with whom I fellowship. I want to thank God for my early rising this morning, that my last night bed wasn’t my cooling board, … Continue reading A reasonable portion

I knew she would live!

I’d been to church for an evening service. I was the minister of music. And when I returned home, there was an ambulance at my house. And the neighbors had gathered. And the next door neighbor was trying to tell me something about how she’d been instrumental in making this happen. But the “wa wa … Continue reading I knew she would live!

How I won in 2020

I’ve walked with the Lord for more years than you might think, because faith came to me at a young age. And at the tender age of 70, I’ve had blessings that brought joy, bubbles that brought grace and miracles that brought overwhelming peace. And I’ve had surprises, upheavals, tragedies and tsunamis. But I’ve never … Continue reading How I won in 2020