Created to Walk on Water

In my house, every meal was cooked from scratch. We had baked beans and tuna from cans. But beyond that fresh food was purchased each week from the market or from the truck that came into the block every Saturday bearing fresh vegetables, bright colorful fruit and often even the meat to season the greens…fresh pork shoulder. Ham. Ham hocks.

The “huckster” as his profession was called, always ended his spiel with…and corn fritters. I never knew what a corn fritter was. I only know we didn’t eat them. I guess it was a menu suggestion for the ears of corn that were purchased, along with the heads of cabbage, fresh green beans and kale or collards, depending on the time of year. Sweet potatoes or yams, also depending on the season.

Food was properly stored in the ice box, for which the ice man supplied a huge block of ice each week. Somehow it kept the food cold if placed conveniently in the bottom of the contraption that looked much like a refrigerator but needed the outside assist.

A big block of ice.

The cooking began each week with the prepping of the dough for yeast rolls that needed at least three risings before they merited the heat that would turn them into heavenly pillows that still bear the sin for the taste buds they titillated. I still love hot bread…only the Lord knows.

Not the actual cover.
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