The thing we all love about Baltimore

Joy abounds in the lives of those who can focus on reality rather than be bound by circumstances and statistics. This is the joy that propels the lives of Baltimoreans who cherish their neighborhoods and neighborhood leaders, whose eyes twinkle at the sight of white marble steps; who delight in community groups and their determination to flourish singly and collectively, who can’t help but laugh when they hear the laughter of the children; who press forward against negative opposition, whose hearts overflow with hope that will not be abated by statistics.

If you asked 100 people what they most love about Baltimore, you’d get at least 100 different answers. Some would respond with places like Lexington Market, the Inner Harbor or Fells Point.

Some would name Druid Hill Park, Patterson Park or Mt .Vernon Place.

Some would think first of restaurants…Ida B’s, Nancy, The Land of Kush or The Helmand or Tamber’s.

Others would name peculiarities of the city like our love for neighborhoods, fairs and festivities – AFRAM, Artscape, Jazzy Summer Nights.

It takes all of this and much more to characterize the city we love, the city we call Baltimore, and to explain why so many people wouldn’t live any other place in the world. Visit? Yes. But live? Not so much!

The writers of this book are no different. They love Baltimore and for most of them, it took real effort to isolate the thing they most love about this city.

These writers have penned their love for Baltimore and their hope that it will only, always thrive.

These writers have celebrated people who help, people who hope, people who will not be deterred.

These writers have spread their love for a city that usually holds a negative spotlight on the national platform; love that is not reduced by statistics, but is settled in an environment that continues to overcome and become the essence of its people.

It’s the thing we all love about Baltimore!

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