Amazing. It’s one of those super expressive words that is often overused and therefore loses it’s gust or. But I can’t think of anything but Amazing. I use it to describe the grace of God, his willingness to overwhelm us with that which we really don’t deserve. Favor. 

And I’m using it to describe the gracious love of our children who always bless us beyond our understanding. Always. In unexpected ways. Most recently, they took us to Turks and Caicos to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. 

It was wonderful. The time together was wonderful. The company of extended family members who went with us was wonderful. Toni, our eldest, is the visionary and her daughter, Trenae is the executor. Paula and Wanda, middle and youngest, enthusiastically complete the circle in whatever ways are needed. And in the ceremony that Trenae anchored, Toni officiated; Paula offered the prayer and Wanda read her poem written just for the occasion. And my granddaughters, Janiyah, Jourdyn, Jasmine and Jaime read my favorite love poem, Celebration, by Mari Evans. Not to forget, my great grandson, AJ, who was the ring bearer and his father, Arlen, who walked me down the aisle. What a memory!

If you knew our story! If you knew from whence the Lord has brought us! If you knew some of the hurdles we’ve overcome, individually and collectively! If you knew this all began with two 18-year-olds who had no idea they couldn’t make it happen. So we started out with great expectations and an unseen road map to a trail already plotted out by the Lord.

If you knew our story, you’d dance with us and shout out to God for the goodness and grace and mercy he’s afforded us for these 50 years, for these four children and their spouses, for these five grandchildren, two great grandsons…and all those to come.

We are the children God used, and is using, to erase generational curses in our families, to change educational and professional trajectories; we are the children God armed with unreasonable faith to accomplish incredible feats way beyond our imaginations. Sometimes even beyond our realization.

And I write this to encourage anyone who feels as if they’re without hope, who feels they’re stuck in a place without an exit, who feels life will always be just as it is now.

Not so!

Just let the Lord know you’re here for all that he has in store for you and totally open to go wherever he leads and do whatever he instructs.

In the midst of whatever seems to be an awful place, speak out your willingness to hear and be all God has for you. With your whole heart.

God always hears. God always answers. 

God. Is. Amazing. 


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