He made me to want it all

God put a strand in me, when he was weaving my fabric, that always wanted it all. I never wanted to feel I was giving less than my all or receiving less than all of God that he has for me. And as I’ve gotten older, the yearning has only gotten deeper. At this age I’m determined that I leave nothing behind when I return to him – that I’ve used every gift and grace and blessed every person I’ve been sent to bless.
So I believe it was at 27 that I began to just cry out for more in my life. Every Sunday, from the moment I got inside the church and long after the service was over. I could not understand the reason. I just know it persisted for weeks. People thought I was crazy. So did I. I’d go to prayer meeting and spend much of the time crying for the Lord to use my life to his glory. I had no idea what I meant. I just know it wouldn’t stop. Until it did. And the desire just continued to grow. I read everything I could get my hands on that encouraged and nurtured my spiritual growth. I listened to every televangelist on the air in those days. And there weren’t that many. I attended every local workshop I could find that promised to answer the questions I hadn’t yet asked; that threatened to satisfy the increasing hunger I was experiencing.
{Excerpted from Have you heard of the Holy Ghost?}


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