This. Do.

Must have been difficult working alongside Jesus. He was much more than the inner circle of three, the crew of 12 disciples and the many others who followed, in spite of not understanding the reason, could ever have imagined.
He went against every convention of their tradition.
He bucked the system every chance he got.
He spoke strange words in strange ways they’d never heard.
He looked favorably upon people they’d been taught to disdain.
He walked through places that others circumvented.
He touched people who were considered defiled.
And yet they couldn’t stay away from him.
Even though their best wisdom, their family and friends and everything inside instructed that they should.
They hung on his every word.
They couldn’t defy him even as hard as they tried.
And after three years, he’d become to them all that he said he’d be from the beginning.
And after three years, when they’d succumbed completely to his teaching and his way…
When they’d bought into his spiel, hook, line and sinker
When they’d even become adept at spreading the same word he’d spoken so many times
Now he’s talking about leaving them.
Now he’s spreading some spin about them having to function on their own.
Now in this moment he’s telling them they’ll just have to adjust without him.
And before he leaves…after telling them the next time they eat together will be in paradise.
Before he leaves they share one last meal.
They’d shared many meals before…some formal Passover celebrations…some bread on the go…some at fancy homes of rich constituents
Remember the time…he invited himself over to Zaccheus’ house for a meal?
Remember the certain man…who Jesus invited to host him and his crew for the Passover?
Remember the meal at Simon’s house when the woman washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair?
Many meals they’d shared…but none was like this one…the last one…the Last Supper.
And he told them to replicate the meal. Often.
This. Do.


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