The thing I like about David

There are many things I like about David, but the one that strikes me this morning is his capacity to show love. I’m sure this is the reason God called him a “man after mine own heart.”
Saul’s son Jonathan and he had enjoyed a rich relationship. When Jonathan died, David searched for someone from his friend’s family on whom to shower the love he’d had for Jonathan.
He looked for someone to love.
He looked for someone to be gracious to.
He didn’t wait for the opportunity to present itself.
He didn’t wait for someone to ask for help.
He searched out the family of Jonathan to see who had such a need.
I’ll bet we could each do this every day of our lives.
I’m thinking it would change our perspective on our own conditions.
I’m thinking it would change our way of thinking about the great love we’ve received.
I’m thinking it would channel love through us in a way that would bless us beyond our imagination.
Beyond our imagination.
So David actually sent a messenger into the household of Jonathan to inquire who among them might need an extra dose of love.
I just laughed while writing this because I want someone to ask me if I need an extra dose of love.
Don’t you?
Maybe not every day. But some days. Yes!
And out of this inquiry he found the son of Jonathan.
His name was Mephibosheth. The story goes that at his birth he had been dropped and the result was that he became lame in his feet.
He was a special needs child who had grown into a special needs adult.
Not sure what his care team looked like or how they were performing at this point.
But God put it in the heart of David to inquire whether or not there was someone in Jonathan’s household who could benefit from additional love.
And he found Mephibosheth.
And he took Mephibosheth into his own household.
And the house of David loved Mephibosheth and showed him the great hospitality of God until his death.
I’m glad that I’m loved extravagantly by God. I’m glad inspires us to love.
And I’m happy to be used to share God’s love with someone else of God’s choosing.
And that’s what I like about David.


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