Loving you long


I wonder sometimes what my life would be like if I’d never met you
And then I realize that I can’t possibly know, can’t even imagine
Cause there haven’t been many days that I haven’t seen your face
Cause there haven’t been many times when I haven’t heard your voice
Sensed your smell. Perceived your aura.
There hasn’t been touch, laughter, grief or ecstasy, beginnings or endings
That could be measured without the element of you

The decades have joined us at the hip, at the mind, at the caress, at the lip
We laugh in concert.
We speak silently with one thought
We glance and the process is complete.

So what does life hold for us going forward?
Worlds to see? Dances to dance? Songs to sing?
Whatever life becomes, however it shapes up
It will be filled with the essence of you

You, Love, are my choice
You, Love, are my joy
Loving you is my glorious passion

And I’ll go on loving you as long as love loves.

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