God’s love

It’s no ordinary love. It’s not like any other love we’ve ever experienced.
It’s a love that’s determined to love us for no reason other than that God chooses to love us.
It’s a love we can’t diminish or increase because it’s not circumstantial.
It’s a love that is targeted toward but rises up within each object of God’s affection.
It’s redemptive in that it wipes away all past sins. It’s all encompassing as it wipes away all present and future sins.
It’s salvific in that it continually makes us brand new.
It’s healing in that it quickens our mortal bodies.
It’s liberating in that it equips us to choose righteousness instead of sin.
It’s overwhelming in that it fills us to overflowing so it can be experienced by those around us.
It’s intoxicating in that once we acknowledge and receive it fully, we want everyone else to have the same experience.
Get used to it. Stop trying to put boundaries on it. Stop trying to deserve it. Stop drying to deny it. Stop trying to qualify for it.
Stop. Linger. Tarry
Make yourself at home in God’s love.



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