Keep Walking in Prayer…

…until you can’t come back. It’s curious but the point is made in the story of Enoch, one of the shortest pieces in the bible. The scripture lists Enoch’s parentage and then simply says, he walked with God and he was not. It leaves so much to the imagination which is a good thing.

It’s the central point of the book I wrote this year, Keep Walking in Prayer…until you can’t come back. It’s a small book with a large kick-in-the-butt for our prayer lives or prayer relationship, as I like to call it. It’s a quick reminder that God loves us and is always available to be in communication with us. He’s anxiously awaiting our glance, our sigh, our call for help or our cry of thankfulness.

It’s a reminder to elevate our prayer relationship above a success-failure connotation and understand that we submit ourselves to the One who made us and ultimately has only the best for each of us. The unique “best” that was planned for us when he carefully knit us together in our mother’s wombs…the “best” for which He has totally equipped and prepared us. And so we are free to rest in his goodness and his grace. So just Keep Walking in Prayer…and one day, you won’t even want to come back.

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