Christmas on Barclay Street

4 thoughts on “Christmas on Barclay Street”

  1. As always your words open up a new world for me. Your words paint a picture for me, allowing me to see and feel the other side of my mothers family.
    Thank you, and may you never stop writing.
    Continued blessing.


  2. Oh Dorothy you nailed Christmas at Barclay street on the head. (LOL) I carried on the tree trimming, cleaning house, tinsel hanging and everything else before you came. Ruth helped, or I should say I helped her. Anyway, thanks for bringing it all back. I am so loving it. I will read this to my daughters and have a good laugh.


  3. Dorothy, I got the same clothes etc. you mentioned. Loved the dolls, children size table with 2or 4 chrome chairs. Always a piece of new furniture for last year’s doll house, books, new crayons to replace the broken ones of the year before and sometime a gift from family members of paper dolls and coloring books. I was a happy camper.


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