Just step to him correctly

Knowing who he is
Knowing who you are in him

You don’t need to re introduce yourself. You know he made you.
You don’t need to ask for salvation. You know you’re already redeemed.

You don’t have to explain why you showed up. You know he was watching out for you.

You don’t need to confess a litany of sins. You know you’re already forgiven.

You don’t need a lot of words to feel heard.
You know he heard your heart before you opened your moth.  

You don’t have to wait for verification of his presence. You know he’s always wherever you are.

You are clear about your authority to use his name. So you just speak it into the atmosphere. Just because you like to hear it. Just speak it. Jesus. Jesus.

Not because it’s magic.

But because there’s power in the name of Jesus.

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